Marilyn Day

Artist and Illustrator


Canadian born Marilyn Day went to London, England in her teens to study art and began her career there illustrating cookery and gardening books.Twenty years ago she moved to Tuscany and now lives there with her family in an old farmhouse in the hills east of Florence. Her studio overlooks the castello of Nipozzano and Frescabaldi vineyards. In Italy she has illustrated many children's books and also produced the beautiful artwork for the cards and decorative papers found in the "Il Papiro" shops worldwide.

Her watercolours are inspired by the local buildings and the produce of the fields and gardens that surround them, evoking the colours, flavours and harmony of central Italy. Prints of her still lifes are on sale in Italy and America. Her acrylic paintings, framed in original local windows, creates scenes of the winding lanes, farms and lush vegetation of rural Tuscany.


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